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Brotato: A Unique and Challenging Shooter Game with a Potato Protagonist - APK Download for Free

Brotato APKAward: A Review of the Top-Down Arena Shooter Roguelite Game

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game that will test your skills and reflexes, you might want to check out Brotato APKAward. This is a game where you play as a potato who can wield up to six weapons at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is. But it is also very addictive and enjoyable. In this article, we will review Brotato APKAward and tell you everything you need to know about this game, including how to download and install it, how to play and enjoy it, and what are the pros and cons of it.

brotato apkaward

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What is Brotato APKAward?

Brotato APKAward is a top-down arena shooter roguelite game that was developed by Erabit Studios and luis 1 dev. It is available for free download from APKCombo, a website that provides various Android games and apps. Brotato APKAward is a game that combines elements of action, strategy, and roguelike genres. It is inspired by games like Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne, and Binding of Isaac.

The concept and gameplay of Brotato

The concept of Brotato APKAward is simple: you are a potato who can handle six weapons at a time, and you have to survive in a hostile environment until help arrives. You are the sole survivor of a spaceship crash that landed on an alien planet. You have to fight your way through waves of enemies that last from 20 to 90 seconds each. You can collect materials, experience, and items from the enemies you kill or from the shop between waves. You can also customize your character with different traits that affect your abilities and stats.

The features and benefits of Brotato

Brotato APKAward has many features and benefits that make it a fun and engaging game. Some of them are:

  • Auto-firing weapons by default with a manual aiming option

  • Fast runs (under 30 minutes)

  • Dozens of characters available to customize your runs (one-handed, crazy, lucky, mage, and many more)

  • Hundreds of items and weapons to choose from (flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, or sticks and stones)

  • Accessibility options: tweak the health, damage, and speed of enemies so the difficulty is right for you

  • Cloud storage available while online (you can play offline, but your data will not be saved to the cloud)

  • Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and email support from the developers

How to download and install Brotato APKAward?

If you want to try out Brotato APKAward, you will need to download and install it from APKCombo. Here are the steps to do so:

The steps to download and install Brotato APKAward from APKCombo

  • Go to [1]( or [2]( .com/brotato/com.brotato.shooting.survivors.action.roguelike/download) and click on the "Download APK" button.

  • Choose the version of Brotato APKAward that you want to download (the latest version is 1.0.2) and click on the "Download" button.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then open the APK file on your device.

  • Allow the installation of apps from unknown sources if prompted.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install Brotato APKAward on your device.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

The requirements and compatibility of Brotato APKAward

Brotato APKAward is a game that requires Android 4.4 or higher to run. It also requires at least 100 MB of free storage space on your device. Brotato APKAward is compatible with most Android devices, but some older or low-end devices may experience performance issues or crashes. If you encounter any problems with the game, you can contact the developers via their Discord, Twitter, Facebook, or email for support.

How to play and enjoy Brotato APKAward?

Now that you have downloaded and installed Brotato APKAward, you might be wondering how to play and enjoy it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

The tips and tricks to survive and win in Brotato

  • Use the auto-firing option if you are not comfortable with manual aiming. You can switch between auto-firing and manual aiming by tapping on the screen.

  • Experiment with different characters, items, and weapons to find your preferred playstyle. Each character has a unique trait that affects their stats and abilities. Each item and weapon has a different effect and rarity. You can also combine items and weapons to create synergies and combos.

  • Be careful with your health and ammo. You have a limited amount of health and ammo in each run, and they do not regenerate automatically. You can replenish them by picking up health packs and ammo boxes from enemies or from the shop between waves.

  • Use cover and dodge wisely. You can hide behind walls, barrels, crates, and other objects to avoid enemy fire. You can also dodge by swiping on the screen to roll in any direction. Dodging makes you invincible for a brief moment, but it also consumes stamina. Stamina regenerates over time, but it can be depleted quickly if you dodge too much.

  • Pay attention to the wave timer and the enemy indicators. The wave timer shows how long each wave lasts, and the enemy indicators show where the enemies are coming from. You can use this information to plan your strategy and position yourself accordingly.

The best characters, items, and weapons to use in Brotato

There is no definitive answer to what are the best characters, items, and weapons to use in Brotato, as it depends on your personal preference and playstyle. However, here are some suggestions based on our experience:


Crazy+50% damage, -50% accuracyThis character is good for players who like to deal massive damage at close range, but don't mind missing some shots at long range. Use weapons that have high fire rate and spread, such as shotguns, SMGs, or flamethrowers.

Lucky+50% chance of finding rare itemsThis character is good for players who like to collect as many items as possible and create powerful synergies and combos. Use items that have passive effects or activate on certain conditions, such as shields, bombs, or lasers.

Mage+50% ammo capacity, -50% healthThis character is good for players who like to use a lot of ammo without worrying about running out, but don't mind having low health. Use weapons that have high damage and range, such as rocket launchers, snipers, or lasers.

One-handed+100% speed, -50% damageThis character is good for players who like to move fast and dodge a lot, but don't mind dealing low damage. Use weapons that have low weight and recoil, such as pistols, knives, or sticks.

PotatoNo traitThis character is good for players who like to play with the default settings and have a balanced playstyle. Use weapons that have moderate stats and versatility, such as rifles, shotguns, or SMGs.

What are the pros and cons of Brotato APKAward?

Like any game, Brotato APKAward has its pros and cons. Here are some of them:

The advantages and disadvantages of Brotato APKAward

The advantages of Brotato APKAward are:

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  • It is free to download and play

  • It has a simple and intuitive control system

  • It has a colorful and cartoonish graphics style

  • It has a high replay value and variety

  • It has a humorous and quirky tone

The disadvantages of Brotato APKAward are:

  • It can be too difficult or frustrating for some players

  • It can be too chaotic or random for some players

  • It can have some bugs or glitches

  • It can have some ads or in-app purchases

  • It can drain your battery or data quickly

The ratings and reviews of Brotato APKAward

Brotato APKAward has received mostly positive ratings and reviews from players who have tried it. On APKCombo, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 17 reviews. Here are some of the comments from the reviewers:

"This game is awesome! It's like Enter the Gungeon but with potatoes. I love the variety of characters, items, and weapons. It's very challenging but also very fun. I recommend it to anyone who likes roguelike games."

"This game is hilarious! I love the humor and the references. The graphics are cute and the sound effects are funny. The gameplay is fast-paced and addictive. I can't stop playing it."

"This game is decent. It has a lot of potential, but it also has some issues. The difficulty is too high, the enemies


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