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Gothic Assassins Song Free Download

I've always loved the free Jessica Jones one they gave out to tie-in with the show, it switches between animated Jessica and Kilgrave images and has the entire song called Thousand Eyes by Of Monsters and Men played over it, it was used in the trailers and its a fantastic song so having the whole thing played over the theme is amazing.

Gothic Assassins song free download

Tilesets by Blade, Agama, Galavant, Dodges and Seren. All music by Alexander Brandon, free downloadable songs of his I was able to find online. Episode character artwork by Etceterist ( ). A big thanks to Violet CLM for being willing to playtest and provide feedback.

These are LARP scenarios with pregenerated characters, that are ready to be run. They may be available in hardcopy form or for download. Some are commercial products available for purchase, others are free.


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