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Nandita Panigrahi

Women for the sake of kids and family often neglects themselves. I was no exception. I had gained weight, lost flexibility and felt lack of energy. 
Five years back impromptu I decided to join yoga with the sole purpose of fitting into those old clothes and also for the luxury of getting some “ME” time. With few of my friends I joined “Bharati Iyer’s Yoga Classes”. She is an excellent yoga instructor and teaches very effectively understanding personal need of the students.  First few months yoga did not resonate to me. It was only about the Zumba and Aerobic classes, enjoying the company with friends and trying to keep myself occupied.  Meditation only meant sleeping and relaxing for a few minutes post workout.
Gradually I started coming into shape and unknowingly I realized my stress level coming down. After a year I felt the true essence of yoga, thanks to Bharti Ma’am for her support and inspiration.  The flexibility due to Suryanamaskars, the gracefulness of holding a yoga pose, strengthening the connection of body and mind during Pranayams , calmness and peace during a mediation, endurance due to Ashtanga Yoga, these were the true benefits I experienced during my journey with Ma’am. Thanks to Bharti Ma’am, I touched to the meaning of yoga and mediation and looked from a different angle to myself.  It is not about physical appearance, its about our inner strength and awareness.
She taught us beyond the mat benefits of yoga. To pay attention to the signs from our bodies, increased our mindfulness to our eating, the uncomfortable process of teaching the body to relax and let go, building emotional resilience. These are a very few things we learned from her.
Yoga is the meeting of our conscious mind with the inner supreme consciousness that flow through us. Sincerely grateful to Bharti Ma’am for helping me to taste this experience.

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